Payments - Fintech - E-commerce

Seamless West Africa

  • Payments-Fintech-Banking 2018 & 2019
    Conference & Exhibition

  • Seamless West Africa is a multi-brand, flagship banking and fintech event of West Africa. This world leading strategic conference attracts 500+ attendees consist of 83% decision makers and influencers and is in the West African region represented by market leading industry players from central banks, commercial banks, insurance, e-tailers, telcos, merchants, government, fintech’s and tech start-ups, all looking to procure and collaborate with the latest tech and services on the market.

  • For this 3-day event Portobello and its affiliates worked closely with the client and exhibitors to produce the event. Services provided include developing an exhibitor information pack, printing various documents, production of the exhibition booths and event technical for all participating companies. Hostesses were provided to welcome and register visitors.